You Won't Believe How Simple it is to Setup Tax Connect! No, Really, it's THAT Easy!

Thinking about purchasing Avalara Tax Connect for Epicor? If you find yourself doing a few hours (or more) of tax code research each week OR you have serious doubts of the calculations you currently do, then Tax Connect is probably going to be an option for you and will pay for itself pretty quickly. The purpose of this article is not to brag about my experience or the ROI of this product but if you want details on those sorts of tidbits you can get them by clicking on this case study. What I want to talk about today is the simplicity of the setup. If you are feeling a little unsure of what implementing Tax Connect looks like, this should give you a better idea. I've done several setups

Why Join the Epicor Users Group? Top 5 Benefits Revealed!

As most of you know, I am heavily involved with the Global Epicor Users Group (EUG). I've served as a board member for over 5 years, helping regional groups throughout North America find their way. In addition to that I've run the TXEUG for almost 8 years now. Prior to my time in Texas I was heavily involved in the Midwest EUG serving on the Advisory Board. Why do I do it? Well, it definitely is time consuming and requires a bit of unrecognized effort BUT I do it because I believe in the cause. Spending 10 years as customer, I came to fully embrace the help that the EUG has to offer. I always encourage users to look at the EUG as the 3rd arm of Epicor support - Consulting and Maintenan

The Epicor ERP Purple Squirrel – 3 Tips for Hiring Success!

If you’ve ever had to consider hiring an Epicor ERP Manager you know what a long drawn out process this can be. Perhaps you are a new customer that needs in-house experience and you want to make a hire before your project kicks off. Maybe you need to add a business analyst to your existing workforce. Maybe you are just replacing an ERP Manager that has moved on. Whatever the reason, in my experience finding the right qualified candidate usually takes 3 to 6 months on average. This can be longer if you are in a not-so-desirable regional location where it might be difficult to convince a candidate to move to. This is the predicament most companies face when hunting for their "Purple Squi

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