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Get Your Implementation Off the Ground with a BPR!

Whether you are implementing your ERP software from scratch or doing a significant software update, one major thing to consider are your current processes and do they still make sense. Without a doubt you are investing a good deal of time and money in your implementation so why not make sure you are leveraging your project resources appropriately? One thing I’ve learned over the years is projects that begin with a Business Process Review (BPR) are much more likely to finish on time and on budget than those that did not have a BPR completed. Why? You can look at the BPR as being a roadmap for your project. The BPR IS what defines your project scope and therefore gives you a very realistic view of what needs to get done and what it’s going to take to get there (time and cost). In other words, a BPR is the most probably most significant activity that will occur during the planning stages of your implementation.

What can you expect?

First and foremost, expect this to be a 2-way conversation. This is not a training exercise, but rather a discovery technique. The standard BPR engagement begins with an initial phone conversation for fact finding. This will prepare the consultant for an onsite visit that usually lasts 2-3 days (longer if there is more than 1 site to visit). The consultant will take the time to “interview” your core team, subject matter experts, and executive team. Gathering goals, issues, obstacles, wants, needs, and current picture which will all will feed into a master document that itemizes observations and software implementation recommendations. The output is an Executive Level document that outlines current processes and recommendations for using the software (more) effectively. You will also receive a project plan and estimate for implementation project completion.

When selecting your BPR Consultant it’s imperative that they have a holistic view of the software program. You really need someone that has the capability to envision how the software can be implemented for your uniqueness. Awareness of the system’s full capabilities are key here.

If you’d like to know more about Singular’s BPR process and what to expect, please reach out to us for a one on one call!

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