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Why Join the Epicor Users Group? Top 5 Benefits Revealed!

As most of you know, I am heavily involved with the Global Epicor Users Group (EUG). I've served as a board member for over 5 years, helping regional groups throughout North America find their way. In addition to that I've run the TXEUG for almost 8 years now. Prior to my time in Texas I was heavily involved in the Midwest EUG serving on the Advisory Board. Why do I do it? Well, it definitely is time consuming and requires a bit of unrecognized effort BUT I do it because I believe in the cause. Spending 10 years as customer, I came to fully embrace the help that the EUG has to offer.

I always encourage users to look at the EUG as the 3rd arm of Epicor support - Consulting and Maintenance Support being the other 2.

I could go on and on about why the EUG has a special place in my heart but to save us all some time I'll spare you the details and give you my top 5 reasons you should become a paying member of the EUG!

1. You get full access to the site. This includes RUG's, SIG's, Product Portal, and the Enhancement Portal. The free membership only gets you access to RUG's and SIG's. The majority activity takes place in the Product forums.

2. You get discounts to the annual Insights Conference. The 2016 discount amounted to $200 off each early bird registration FOR EACH REGISTRANT OF YOUR COMPANY. Send 2 people and your EUG registration pays for itself!

3. Unless you have a really good contact at Epicor that can hook you up with educational discounts the EUG discount is the best one I've seen available. Purchase Epicor University credits directly through the EUG and save 15%!

4. If you are a Premier Member or Vendor Premier Member you may lead an EUG supported RUG. We usually require that at least 2 members are involved in the leadership of a regional group.

5. You have the ability to network with our peers through the EUG website OR in person at any of the regional groups. You can take this a step further and choose to look up users in your area and contact them directly.

There you have it, my top 5 reasons to become a member. EUG Membership only costs $360/year for customers and $500/year for vendors. This membership fee covers everyone in your company giving you an unlimited amount of logins.

If you'd like to know more about the EUG, please go to

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